Ibara 2
Name Ibara
Gender Female
Abilities Thorns Manipulation
Manga Chapter 1
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Ibara-hime (荊姫, Princess Ibara) is one of the main characters of the series.

Appearance Edit

Ibara is an attractive young woman with blonde hair and violet eyes, her hair is occasionally tied up in a ponytail with a ribbon. She wears a black blazer with a tie over a white shirt, a short pants, black stockings, and an armband.

Personality Edit

She is a hot blooded person at first, but later becomes more kind, playful, and polite.

Plot Edit

She was formerly one of Jirou's mistresses. Jirou cursed her with the curse of constant sleepiness, thus she attempted to kill Yamada Tarou, because Jirou promised to remove the curse if she managed to kill him. However, the curse was removed by Tarou instead, she later returns the favor by serving as Tarou's mistress.

Trivia Edit

  • Her plot is based off the Sleeping Beauty, however rather than kissing, her curse of constant sleepiness was removed after Tarou touching her tits.
  • Ibara means thorn, another reference to Sleeping Beauty.